How is Game of Thrones going to end?

All good things must come to an end and that includes Game of Thrones. With the show ending in season 8 things are still up in the air with plot twist after plot twist coming out of the woodwork. Surpassing the books and spoiler photos leaking the finale might already be in the works, so here are our  7 theories on how the epic fantasy will end…

The Mad Queen Cersei vs the World


 Cersei Lannister might just be the final boss the heroes have to take on in order to achieve peace in the seven kingdoms. The show started with the last effects of Mad King Aerys on Westeros so it’s possible the show might end with a revolt against the mad Queen Cersei and I am sure that she’ll be taking more than a few people down with her when she goes.

Jon Snow + Daenerys


Fans have been guessing that the fates of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are going to be intertwined since the first book. Although the two haven’t met (yet) they represent the two tail ends of the Song of Ice and Fire that the story main symbolism . And with the Starks and the Targaryen army together they could take on pretty much anyone.

The Iron Throne will be no more


Much of the series has been centered around who will be sat on the Iron Throne and what people will do to get on it. But it’s possible that this will all be for nothing. With wars being fought left and right and with none of the families really being worth it, the concept of royalty in Westeros could resolve into nothingness

Or the Throne is the key…


Daenerys’ trip into the House of the Undying and the things she saw in there proved to be incredibly important as the series goes along. As she found her way into a snow filled Throne room many have thought that it could mean Jon Snow is destined to sit on the Iron Throne. But it could have more to do with the temperature challenged White Walkers and the dragon-fire fused Valyrian steel the Throne is made out of, with a bit of magic and Valerian see can be turned into DragonGlass that kills White Walkers and could bring an end to the oncoming war.

The White Walkers take Westeros 


And it’s for the best! Human’s haven’t exactly been making the best with the Seven Kingdoms so maybe it’s time for someone else to have a go. The White Walkers winning would provide a perfectly bittersweet ending to the series and it would also mirror the destruction of Old Valyria that happened years before the books began. Maybe the White Walkers were the heroes after all.

Arya becomes Lady Stoneheart 


It looks like Catelyn Stark’s revenge as the bloodthirsty zombie is dead in the pan. But Arya Stark and her kill list are finally coming to fruition, as she makes her way back to Winterfell it looks like she’s going to be getting the Stark revenge. With her faceless man training and all the horrors she’s seen in the past few years Arya is a one woman army and she might not fit in with the stringent rules that high society life comes with.

Everyone dies.

White walkers, Starks, the Dragons, if you think this has a happy ending then,


This is George R.R.Martin after all.


By Katie Beech

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