Younger ‘Zombies in New York’ Review

Three seasons in and Younger is still going strong, a little bit down to the cast,  a little bit down t0 the story (thank god we’re not getting bogged down in the love triangle) and a little bit down to the brilliant writing.

Episode 9 takes place around a Summer Friday, a little bit jarring in this cold winter, Kelsey is trying to get her boyfriend’s book published, Josh is feeling insecure about his relationship with Eliza and Diana is working with her therapist.

Diana is easily the highlight of this episode, the stringently uptight boss of Eliza trying to work through her issues with an equally messy therapist. Diana falling into a feud between two very unprofessional men is both as tragic as it is hilarious.

Josh is a little disappointed that Eliza and himself aren’t ever going to share first experiences and it looks lie the two of them are heading towards the end. I do think that they’re trying to set it up for Eliza and Josh to split up so she can give it a good go with her boss which is disappointing as Nico is a great actor and I hope he sticks around.

But most of the episode centres around Kelsey as she tries to secure her boyfriend a good book deal while making sure that’s all above board as well. She pitches it too EW as a ‘dystopian bonfire of the vanities’ a bigger publishing house makes a better offer. And he takes it.

It’s a shitty thing too do but one we’ve sort of seen coming, I have a feeling the first really successful book to come out of Millennial print will be Liza pitching her life story. Just gotta wait for the next episode too find out!

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