Legends of Tomorrow ‘Invasion!’ Review

Legends of Tomorrow culminates the four-part crossover week in an alien, time-travel and meta-human drama. It was the biggest storyline attempted by four shows at extremely different points in their development with the overall ending being a satisfying part of the CW superhero series.

Legends of Tomorrow has always been the step-sibling of the other shows, not as gritty as the Arrow and not as fluffy as The Flash, but it means it’s been able too stretch itself and play around with storylines and characters.

The episode has difficulties managing all of the storylines and characters (seriously Jefferson deserves his own story line) but overall it feels like a Legends episode inside of a crossover.

Martin Stein discovers he’s got a daughter, not a fault of the flashpoint but of his own dealing with his timeline. It’s great too see him deal with his own internal conflicts about changing the past and it helps contextualise Barry’s changing of the timeline with Flashpoint.

Another story point within the episode is Cisco’s forgiveness of Barry, Cisco’s trip too the 50s and the realisation that it’s incredibly easy too change the timeline means he moves forward too fixing his relationship with Barry.

Agent Smith, a fantastic villain whom I hope we see again soon, barrels into the 1950s to kidnap the alien and the Legends. Seen in both the past and the present ready too mess with what the teams are trying to do Agent Smith feels like we’re laying the groundwork for a villain that will show up again in Legends of Tomorrow.

The final battles takes places on top of a building on what I think is a helipad. Vaguely reminiscent of the fight sequence in Civil War. Although it’s not quite explained why all the alien keep coming in streams too fight them instead of just overwhelming them a million too one.

As they neutralise the bomb the Dominators were planning on setting off with the help of Firestorm, everyone is saved and things quickly go back to a normal (ish) way of being. I was vaguely expecting someone too die within such a large threat as the Dominators, but they didn’t exactly have the time too do anything that heavy and the CW has never been a fan of killing  off popular characters.

So instead the final scenes surround a going away party for the Legends with a nice little Easter egg at the end of the episode when former Superman actor Brandon Routh comments that Supergirl looks like his cousin.

The show ends with Barry and Oliver having a drink in a bar. It’s nice to wrap up the episode in a quiet manner, although I think a Legends episode should have ended with the Legends, the crossover universe started with Barry and Oliver so maybe it’s okay that we end with it.

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