5 reason we can’t wait for Famous in Love

Are you planning your TV obsessions 5 months in advance? Okay, maybe it’s just us, but we can’t wait for the new Famous in Love. Centring around small town girl Paige who wins a coveted part in the ‘Locked’ movie adaptation, thrown into stardom and everything that goes along with it. Still not convinced, well we’ve got five reasons to change your mind…

It’s our Pretty Little Liars replacement 

Although the two shows have very different energies Famous in Love is going to be following on from the Pretty Little Liars finale and although it will probably take us a little bit longer than that to recover from what should be an epic finale

Marlene King approved

Yes, the show runner behind Pretty Little Liars is putting her weight behind the new TV series. She will also be writing the first episode alongside book author Rebecca Serle.So you know that the TV show will also be author approved!

A new IT girl 

Although Bella Thorne has gone from strength to strength since her days in Shake it Up! Without a doubt, Famous in Love will put her over the edge and into a whole new level of stardom, get following her insta now.

The guys

Famous in Love centres around a love triangle between actors which means that they’ve cast the ridiculously hot Charlie DePew and Keith Powers. Expect shipping wars/ couple names and plenty of gifs


Okay so things can’t all just be designer dresses and love stories so in the midst of shooting a movie Paige also dives into the mystery surrounding a missing pop star whose disappearance is linked to her costars…

Still not convinced? Check out the trailer and tell us what you think…

By Katie Beech

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