Ann Rice on Lestat

The Vampire Chronicles and the subsequent film adaptations have long been held of as the prime example of Vampire Fiction. When news hit that Ann Rice had regained the theatrical rights too her works fans around the world rejoiced. And now she’s expressed interest in a TV adaptation, a wise move on her part as TV allows stories to be told over a longer period of time and at the moment t’s surpassing movies.

But who’s going to be playing the iconic character of Lestat? Lester De Lioncourt, the antihero in  several novel by Rice and one of the most iconic roles in cinematic history

“I think with this character it’s very important that the actor look like the character,” Anne Rice told EW. Played by Tom Cruise in ‘An interview with a Vampire’ and Stuart Townsend in ‘Queen of the Damned’ there does seem to be a thread following the looks of the enigmatic vampire within the movie-universe that conflicts a little bit from Rice’s version.

“Because this character’s looks are so much a part of who he is: He’s six feet tall, he has blonde hair and blue eyes, and he’s known for those particular traits. So it would be very nice to have an actor that truly does fit that profile…and after that, I think it’s a matter of a character with a wild sense of humour, maybe an impish quality to him, and then athletic grace and strength.”

With Matt Bomer in the running for Louis things are definitely looking up the flaying Vampire trend. So who do you picture as Lestat, a-list or unknown? Do you think Cruise should reprise the role?

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