Westworld Season One finale review

These violent details have violent ends and so does the final episode of season one of Westworld.

With twist after twist moving through the hour and a half finale we’re left with a million questions and are agonisingly waiting for season 2 (which is in 2018)

The build up too the Man in Black and William reveal was enticing, even though many fans had theorised that these two characters were the same person in different timelines it was amazing too watch it all play out and as William slowly accepted his dark side and let go of Dolores.

Maeve’s story was definitely the action intense of the finale as she and her band of psychopaths moved through Westworld behind the scenes. At points I did suspect that Maeve’s story was written by Sizemore as a way of getting the information the board needed out of the park. But she returns, the bond too her daughter is too strong to override simple logic, although will she be returning to the park she once knew?

The biggest reveal was that redemption of Ford, played by the wonderfully brilliant Anthony Hopkins (if he doesn’t get an emmy then I will riot)

Locked in within his new storyline he presents too the board,Dolores and Teddy on the beach as she’s about too die. We’ve seen Dolores deal with what she knows to be the maze and finally once again killed by the Man in Black. Dialogue amped up too a million the two recite lines more at home in a lifetime movie than HBO the scene pulls back and we see the board of directors, their emotions just entertainment.

A part of you wonders if the whole show is just watching a bigger storyline play out as Ford remains the smartest man in the room and Dolores realises her part in all of it.

Although Arnold thought he’d mastered the consciousness of the hosts and sending Dolores on a killing spree Ford realised it would take more time than that for them too truly be sentient beings.

The rising of the forgotten host army is haunting as they move through the trees and the Man in Black seems almost happy that this is the way he dies, maybe it’s what he’d been hoping for all along. The final shocking moments see Dolores put a bullet through the back of Ford’s head, however from a show like this what would be the bigger plot twist, that it was a robot version of Ford? Or that Ford’s actually dead?

That show itself has room to grow and change as it’s season two premiere won’t be till 2018 and they’ve also introduced the other worlds that we saw in the Westworld movies. I expect a big time jump for season two but I hope not more of the same, there are hundreds of different storylines to take with Westworld let’s just hope that don’t blow through them all.


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