Five things we want to know after the Westworld finale

After THAT season finale we were left reeling as the credits began to roll.

Who was that? Is that really the maze? What time are we in? Am I host?

But it looks like we won’t know anything until season 2 which comes back in 2018, until then, here are some questions we need answering…

How big is Westworld? 

And is actually called Westworld? We saw some vaguely Samurai looking guys as Maeve and her team moved towards the exit so does this mean that we’re going to be getting a Roman World and a Medieval World like in the movies? Also are they new? Does Ford bounce between all the different Worlds or is there another evil genius waiting in the wings.

Where is Elsie? 

Elsie was a main character in the first couple of episodes as an inquisitive behaviour programmer. But as things began too unravel it looked like her fate was sealed in the basement as someone grabbed her. Then her tracker pinged within the Park and Stubbs went looking for her only too be greeted with members of the ghost nation. Although there are some theories confirming that she is alive and others saying she was never alive, we still have not definitive answer on what happened too her. Maybe it was all part of Ford’s plan too keep them both safe until the main storyline was finished.

Was Maeve’s story just a storyline?

As we watched Maeve turn from jaded bar Madam, too fierce and intelligent robot hero we found ourselves rooting for her too get out of the park. And just as she was about too she went back in to go look for her daughter. As we’ve seen Ford use children as character motivations before it’s possible that Maeve’s whole striving towards freedom was just a distraction technique for Ford too get all of the other hosts into the Park without suspicion  .

Do we really know anything about Arnold? 

The season came and went with some amazing twists and turns. And there were a hella amount of Arnold plot twists, as Jeffery Wright played the original park founder and his host counterpart. All narrative surrounding Arnold’s story was told through Ford’s perspective meaning that it could have just been part of his bigger plan. Also why are the reveries and malfunctions just showing themselves now? Maybe someone out that there wanted too finish Arnold’s plan?

How is the board going to explain this? 

Time jump? The world’s best paid clean-up team? As the hosts went on a killing spree of investors it looks like things might just be over for the human race. But somehow I think that the board of directors will find a way too reopen the park and continue to use it too make money. Maybe next season will be about Westworld truths///


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