Netflix binge: Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23

For fans of: Happy Endings, the Mindy Project and Two Broke Girls

The Lowdown: Don’t trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 centres around June Coburn whose life implodes after moving too New York, loosing her job and boyfriend and lands herself in a strange apartment deal with Chloe, who might or might not be a sociopath

Who’s in it: We’ve got Jessica Jones before Jessica Jones Krysten Ritter, we’ve got post-Gossip Girl Dreama Walker as June Colburn and we’ve got James Van Der Beek in the role of a lifetime as James Van Der Beek.

What’s great: Don’t trust the B was a weird take on the tried and tested Odd Couple situation. Chloe’s brash antics played off perfectly against June’s straight woman, Chloe was the steam train of exciting hook-ups, scams and antics and June kept the show with it’s much needed heart. It’s a sitcom that knows how to do comedy and story while not being afraid to have fun.

Why did it cancelled: Way back when in 2012 Don’t Trust the B was a little bit edgier than a lot of programming and although well liked by it’s fanbase wasn’t the ratings smash the network hoped for.Shows like Don’t Trust the B and Happy Endings were cancelled, so you understand the dark days we were living in.

Why you should give it a chance: If not to see James Van Der Beek high on acid on dancing with the stars then for Chloe’s crude jokes and amazing outfits.

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