The Flash: Midseason Finale Review

For a show that’s only been on for three seasons The Flash has burnt through meta-humans, giant sharks, multiverse and Mark Hamill at break neck speed. There’s a bunch to remember and some times it doesn’t all  make sense.

In a mid-season finale where we’ve got god-like meta’s Savitar and Alchemy, we’re not expecting too have everything wrapped up in a neat little bow but just some sort of ending to tie us over Christmas.

So that means earth-jumping, something we’ve seen take a lot of work and a lot of build up now happens with ease as Barry jumps too earth 3 to get Jay’s help. With a short cameo by the ever amazing trickster, Jay and Barry jump to Earth One too try and work out exactly what is going on with the Savitar Philosopher’s Stone (geddit Harry Potter reference)

With the big reveal that Julian is actually Dr. Alchemy we get too see a little bit more into his backstory and Alchemy not actually existing but Savitar speaking through him is a nice twist on this.

See, Tom Felton’s character has been sitting in the corner of the laboratory with a sign over his head going “look at me, I’m a very large plot twist too come in later.” Mainly because I don’t think that Felton would take on a bit part and they needed to inject new blood into a very self-contained story. I was kind of hoping Julian would become like head of the anti-meta department or something but I’m okay with him being brought into their world and the small groundwork for a Julian/Caitlyn relationship being set up.

However someone out there please let Tom Felton play a villain again, he did five movies as one, he’s very good at it.

Anyway, Team Flash uses the Philosophers stone too get Savitar too speak to them through Julian, Savitar gives them a creepy prediction on what each one of them will do in the future but doesn’t tell them who’s doing what (very inconsiderate of you Savitar) But it’s a nice touch and I foresee many tumblr gif sets with the phrases ‘one will betray, one will die etc.’ written over the characters.

And in a moment of trying to destroy the Stone Barry and Jay accidentally (or maybe not) go to the future and see Savitar killing Iris. It’s a strange way of introducing this and sort of makes me think it won’t happen this way like every time we see  a flash forward and it’s actually double blind.

But it gives us the bittersweet ending too the episode as the Christmas party continues and Barry shows Iris the house he’s rented for them. Fingers cross they survive long enough too move in…



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