Arrow ‘What we leave behind’ Review

Arrow continues too hone it’s talents as the gritty superhero in a sea of the attractive yet nonthreatening racially diverse CW shows. It’s heavy life or death situations and complicated hero slowly being elevated with character development and meaty stories.

Prometheus and Evelyn Sharp team up as both see Oliver as a murderer more than a hero. Although I was initially enjoying the injection of new characters into the show as people’s actions change it’s hard too keep track of motivation. Especially as just trying too work out who Prometheus is so intriguing its easy for other characters to be pushed to the side.

Flashbacks too season one make a nice change from the Island flashbacks, we were there for this stuff and it also shows how much Oliver has changed since that first season. It’s nice too see the beginnings of the core team, including a slightly awkward Felicity.

Prometheus’ beef with Oliver seems to be long held and Oliver finds evidence that Prometheus might have something to do with Claybourne a guy who created a virus and then sold the vaccines at a larger cost to make the city great again. But Oliver isn’t the only one who goes looking for Prometheus and Felicity’s boyfriend gets kidnapped

Look, it seems like Prometheus is going to be Tommy Merlyn, with his brief reappearance in the crossover, the reference too him in this episode and possible time messes from Flashpoint, Tommy looks like a suitable candidate for Prometheus. I know a lot of people say it’s going to be Adrian Chase but his motives just feel so personal that I have to believe that it’s someone close to him.

Also as Felicity said “People around here seem to comes back from the dead every Wednesday” (Dear writers, if your reading this, please give me more meta Felicity moments)

I mean the whole theme of the show is around people who we thought were dead coming back to life. Star City needs a more secure morgue tbh.

In a final showdown Oliver accidentally kebabs Felicity’s boyfriend whom Prometheus dressed up in costume. It’s a moment of showing growth of Oliver’s character as he’s dragged back into being the killer he once was and a moment of heart break for Felicity as her ex kills her current boyfriend. But as an audience member it just doesn’t feel all that emotional as Felicity’s boyfriend always just felt like an extension of Felicity instead of an actual human being.

Speaking of unnecessary deaths…

The season five mid-season finale ended with Laurel Lance standing in the middle of the Arrow cave. Whether or not she’s actually there or a figment of Oliver’s imagination remains too be seen…


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