Legends of Tomorrow ‘The Chicago Way’ Review

In the crossover the Legends of Tomorrow felt a little side stepped with Oliver and Barry taking centre stage. But now back in the Wave rider The Legends of Tomorrow are back saving the past and this time it’s 1920s Chicago.

Because the best Legends episodes take place within the last century and in America.I don’t know why, maybe it’s the history the writers and directors are more familiar with or maybe it’s the pop culture references that get to be played with. But The Chicago Way felt like a really fun episode.

Legends of Tomorrow is making a self-contained crossover in a sense as Eobard Thane and Damien Dark’s Legion of Doom as another string too it’s bow and Malcolm Merlyn comes aboard. Not that I’m unhappy too see John Barrowman on TV again but why? I know it’s supposed to be a big mystery or whatever but come on give me some villain motivation.

They plan to use Al Capone too lure the Legends too the 1920s and steal a talisman. Doing so they kidnapped Stine and Sara, Malcolm promises Sara her life back, to go bak and change time so she’ll have never been on the capsized boat in the first place.

Sidenote: So in the past few Arrow episodes and now Legends, they’ve really been harking back too season one. Maybe they’re trying to show us how much the characters have changed or maybe they’re trying to remind us about certain characters from season one who have perished.

But Sara refuses, even though Malcolm changing the past and sparing her nine years of heartbreak and loss is something she does want, she knows the consequences. But seeing this Martin confesses too messing with the timeline and hiding the daughter that changing his past produced. But Martin puts himself on the line, willing too be tortured into oblivion if it means rescuing the team.

An interesting side story for this episode was Rory being followed around the ship by Snart. A very dead and still ultimately sarcastic Snart. Admonishing Rory for following orders, being part of a good guy team and a spark of something happening with Amaya.

A product of his own psyche and maybe the beer he was drinking it’s easy too see that Rory is still conflicted about his place in the team but whats more it’s nice too see that Captain Cold hasn’t been bleeped out of the timeline.

Double sidenote: Snart’s appearance also mirrors the ending of the Arrow midseason finale as Laurel Lance stands in the middle of the Arrow Cave. Is it just ghosts all around? Or is something slightly more sinister happening?

The ending sees Sara give up the amulet and the Legion of Doom and things look like they are taking a turn for the worst.

Plot twist! The last scene shows a slightly dissolved 1960s director producing a cheesy looking sci- fi that looks a little too familiar and things seem to be going in a completely different direction when we realise IT’S RIP HUNTER!

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