Fuller House Season two Review

It’s corny and incredibly cheesy but the new series of Fuller House is a cute slice of fun with more weight than last season.

As Netflix’s biggest hit (apparently ) Fuller House was a plentiful throwback too it’s first season. With a second season carving out it’s own identity wee see DJ as a vetrainarian and single mother. Her sister and her best friend as her support, and Fuller House wins it’s fans within it’s moments of sincerity and it’s meta instances.

The Full House spin off settles into it’s second season with D.J navigating romance and finally getting  burgeoning relationship with Doctor Harmon. Steve takes up with a strikingly familiar woman named C.J…


There are less references too the older show this season, adding Fernando too the fold was a good choice and allowing the kids to have their own stories, season two of Fuller House felt like it’s own show.

With the Gibbler and Tanner romance with Stephane and the youngest Gibler burgeoning we big begin too enjoy something that feels like a the ending too a very corny sitcom that never really got too be. With small moments referencing the missing Olsen factor which would add a such needed dynamic too the show.


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