Save the Crazy Ex-girlfriend

The best show your not watching is a twist on the old rom-com staples with a musical number and a Golden Globe too it’s name. The show is currently on the bubble of cancellation and this Christmas we’re here too encourage you to get watching…

The Lowdown: Rebecca Bunch is a successful New York lawyer who’s extremely unfulfilled with the life she’s spent the past twenty years working for. In a moment of chance she meets her ex-boyfriend on the street and decides too follow him to West Convina, California and get a brand new house and new career. Well, actually she doesn’t follow him, it just happens too be where Josh lives but that’s not why she’s there.

Why it might be cancelled: This is not a show with a likeable edge all the characters are hilarious but with the exception of Josh Chan everyone is kind of a dick and manages to be horribly relatable in moments that are too cringy too talk about.

Why it’s great: If you’re missing that twenty seconds when Glee was good, dark comedy or just a new spin on all the romantic comedy classics then this show is for you. Created by Rachel Bloom and featuring such songs as “Heavy Boobs” and “Textmergency” Crazy Ex-Girlfriend celebrates it’s moments of weirdness with a glossy CW finish.

Where to watch: Netflix, the CW app and every Friday night



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