J.J Abrams plans ‘Glare’ for HBO

A winning streak the size of the USS enterprise J.J Abrams is set to take on TV again with another series for HBO.

Currently entitled Glare, the hour long TV drama will be about the colonisation in space. Helmed by the current prince of sic-fi J.J Abrams who’s enjoyed commercial and critical success in his projects like Star Wars, Star Trek and Super 8.

Penning the script will be Javier Gullón, who is known for writing the award winning Enemy, the Canadian/ Spanish thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal among many other projects.

Abrams has enjoyed plenty of success in television with iconic shows like Lost and Felicity meaning Glare could easily become the next big thing. But at the same time HBO has been throwing it’s weight behind shows like Vinyl, a big budget blockbuster cancelled after it’s first season, we know that a big name is no guarantee to draw in an audience overall though we’re really excited too see what another Abrams project has to offer.



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