Partick Wilson cast as ‘OceanMaster’ in Aquaman

And in the last DC news I still actively care about, Patrick Wilson is set to star as Aquaman Supervillain and underwater Jerry Springer contestant OceanMaster.

Wilson will be playing Aquaman’s half brother ORM or OceanMaster in the 2018 film also starring Jason Momoa and Amber Heard.

First appearing in the late 60s, OceanMaster has been a staple of the comics for half a century. Although his origin story has been revised several times, it’s reported it will be following the New 52 timeline. And in this comic book story ORM and Arthur Curry share the same mother (Queen of Atlantis) but while Arthur grew up on the surface world, Orm grew up in Atlantis, and when their mother dies suspicion is cast onto Orm who takes the throne for himself.

Confirmed in a tweet by James Wan this morning. It’s not the first time that Aquaman director and Wilson have worked together as they also worked on the Conjuring franchise. And we can’t wait too see what it’ll bring to the DC franchise.

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