Margot Robbie heading the female super villain movie

Margot Robbie is heading up an all female Suicide Squad spinoff. Currently titled Gotham City Sirens, the project will have Robbie and Suicide Squad David Ayer director team up again.

Not the first time an all female Gotham city ‘Birds of Feather’ TV show was tried out in the early 2000s on the now defunct WB.

DC has been creating great premises for the better half of a decade, both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad  had great actors and fun direction but suffered due to poor editing and pacing and Martha issues.

But hopefully DC are seeing the light as there a couple of actresses that come round that you just find yourself loving. For me, Margot Robbie is one of those actresses, great actress and enduringly watchable even in the most subpar movies.

With Ayer recently posting a fan art picture of Poison Ivy and Catwoman alongside Harley, DC could potentially be learning from it’s past mistakes and investing more money in what works.


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