Younger Season 3 finale Review

How long can you keep up with a lie? I’m not talking a little white lie but a whole persona, identity and instragram centred around a lie. Eliza answers this question in the Younger season 3 finale.

Many fans have stated in the past that they’d like too see Younger in the hour long, twenty four episode seasons but I think season three made a strong case for it’s current format. The story’s are tight, the drama has been well balanced with the humour and unlike a lot of shows Younger hasn’t suffered from a sophomore slump.

In the first part Liza and Kelsey head to the Hamptons representing their baby imprint Millennial as a way of getting it known with a wider audience. Charles and Diana join but while Diana goes off an attempts to do a sultry photoshoot by the beach, Charles finds himself running in Liza again and again.

Josh on the other hand is back in Brooklyn and decidedly smitten with Eliza and is deciding that he needs to do something about it.

Emily, the EW assistant rears her head again,this time with a pitch for a self-help book from the perspective of her puppy (tbh if you go to Urban Outfitters you will find even more ridiculous books on sale) With Kelsey refusing to hear her pitch, although she seems to be having more trouble with her pretentious boyfriend, she shows her hand to Liza ad decides to blackmail her way into a book deal by threatening to expose her real age.

In all seriousness, we were led to believe that Liza’s age had been scrubbed off everywhere so if Emily did find out, why isn’t she actively pursuing a career in investigative journalism?

With the information hanging over her head Eliza hits the self destruct button and after a night out with Charles the two kiss again. A lot of Charles’ attraction too Liza seems to be based on the novelty of a twenty six year old who enjoys old bands and reads Russian literature. That and the power disparity at work, it makes me think that if Charles’ knew Liza’s real age he’d turn ugly very quickly.

And in a heart twisting turn of events Josh sees them and Liza discovers that Josh was planning on proposing.

As they return too New York Diana enjoys cohabitation, Kelsey’s living quarters get a bit too crowded and Liza is in a shame spiral. It’s lovely too see Diana in a state of happiness and the writers embracing a woman over forty leading a full and happy life even if her parrot is inappropriate.

Kelsey and Liza end up attending a self-help seminar for a woman who’s potentially signing with Empirical Press. The same self-help seminar as Liza’s ex, whom on stage manages too twist round his cheating and gambling problem into a victim-status. I don’t know the name of the actor who plays her ex-husband but he somehow manages to be both hilarious and annoying all at the same time.

Forced to confront each other in a phone call, Liza realises that she is #TeamJosh and runs too try and make up with him. Things don’t work out exactly as planned and Liza realises she is now single and alone.

Returning too her apartment Maggie warns her Kelsey’s moved in so she needs to pull herself together. Maybe it’s the emotions of the day or the fact they’re friends now but Liza comes clean confessing her age and her mom status too one of her best friends in an great final scene. Personally I can’t wait till season four.

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