So the How I Met Your Mother spin-off is still happening

And in did anyone really ask for this news:

A How I Met Your Mother spin-off was planned for airing three years ago, just in time for the most disappointing finale in TV history. But it looked to have lost steam or been quietly shuffled off due to backlash.

Working title: How I met your Dad….

Now, some of the writers on weekly weepy This is Us are planning to restart the idea.

[Sidenote: All those people you run into a parties, coffeeshops and on the bus lamenting how hard it is to write an original screenplay…did any of them finish it? I’m not saying my barista’s handlebar moustache epic is ever going too win awards but like can we start just investing in new talent before TV begins to eat it’s tail]

The initial spin-off involved indie darling Greta Gerwig and Meg Ryan has her older self in a very similar set up, with slight differences such as the main character being divorced, a female Barney and a gay couple.

No word whether the new energy in the reboot will keep the same energy but hell it’s all just the same basic premise that still manages too be successful even after all these years so who can blame them.

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