Top 6 film ‘Almost-Castings’

These moves could have ended a lot differently as these movie stars were in the running for roles that defined other people’s careers.

John Travolta- Forrest Gump


Somehow we couldn’t imagine anyone but Tom Hanks as the lovely Gump but apparently history could have been a lot different as John Travolta entertained the prospect of the Forrest Gump role. He once said that passing on the role was his biggest regret.

Marilyn Monroe- Breakfast at Tiffanys


Audrey Hepburn had a pretty tough time getting into her iconic role of Holly Golightly. Truman Capote, the author of the ‘ Breakfast at Tiffanys’ novella had previously envisioned Marilyn Monroe in the role. And even costume designer Givenchy thought they were dressing Katherine Hepburn, no one knew they were on the set of one of the most iconic movies in the world.

David Boreanaz- Batman


Known for Bones and Angel, the role of Batman seems like the perfect fit for the role of Batman. Many actors tried out for the Dark Knight series which ultimately went too Christian Bale but apparently David Boreanaz was seriously in the running for the caped crusader, only he turned down the role.

Harry Melling- Harry Potter


Could there have been any body Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter? Apparently so! It was such a long and arduous process to cast the iconic boy wizard role that there was reportedly over five thousand seeking the role. Including Harry Melling who would go onto too play the role of Harry’s first adversary Dudley Dursley.

Emily Blunt- Black Widow


Black Widow, the Russian assassin turned shield agent was one of the most hotly contested roles in years. But apparently Emily Blunt, former Miranda Priestley assistant was within a breath of winning the role. Although it went too Scarlett Johansson fans have been desperate too see Blunt back in the Marvel universe.

Orson Welles- Don Vito Corleone


Acting Legend Orson Welles apparently heavily campaigned for the role of the Mafia don. There are even the Welles screen tests  for the film still floating around on the internet. But Coppola had to turn him down because he was interested in casting Brando and the rest was history.





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