BAFTA’s to exclude ‘non-diverse’ films

The British Academy Film Awards are promoting inclusivity into all films considered for the award starting in 2019.

In new guidelines published last week the films hoping to be considered for a Bafta unless they demonstrate diversity in two of the following areas

On-screen characters and themes, senior roles and crew, industry training and career progression, and audience access and appeal to underrepresented audiences. BAFTA will also remove the requirement that newly admitted voters be recommended by two existing members.

This would probably mean that a lot of previous British cinema would be have been excluded from the ceremony. It does mark a turning point for the film industry which came under fire last year with #Oscarssowhite criticism after an overwhelming amount of Oscar nominees were white overlooking several PoC actors and directors in what was a very strong year for film.

No doubt, a lot of people will have a lot of opinions but we’re looking forward too more diversity in ideas and production in British cinema especially, hopefully leading too more stories being heard.


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