Cole Sprouse talks Riverdale & Archie

The anticipation for ‘Riverdale’ the new CW show based on the Archie comics is growing immensely.

One of the biggest casting news was Cole Sprouse in his first role since the Suite Life as Jughead Jones the laid-back beanie wearing best friend to Archie Andrews.

In an interview with JJJ Cole Sprouse talked about the Archie universe.

“I think inherently when you’re dealing with any comic book property, you’re dealing with the ability to make the fans excited because as a comic book fan myself, when someone messes with something I really love, it upsets you,”

With the latest trailer showing the depicting the death of Jason Cherry and the illicit affairs surrounding the quiet town of Riverdale. With previous teen icons Luke Perry and Molly Ringwald playing Archie’s parents it definitely seems that

“The greatest thing about the Archie comic book is 1. they are a really long read; 2. they’ve had so many universes within them already that a new universe is not something out of the box; and 3. the narratives we’re pulling off of are actually not that unusual.”

Of course, the murder mystery will be at the central point to the show but added drama comes from the student/teacher relationship between Archie and Ms. Grundy and Sabrina (that witch) coming in as an escaped cult member although the supernatural element of the show is unconfirmed.

“Everything we’re dealing with is already in the Archie digest and Archie comics, but we’re still trying to reinvent and inspiring something new…We’re ready to start this thing and give fans a new version of Archie that I think they’ll really love,”

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