Justice League: Ezra Miller confirms family dynamics

DC superheroes have really been kicking it up a gear as it attempts to win back cred after the less than stellar reception of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.

As a new Entertainment Weekly spread hit the stands we finally see The Flash added too the team in what looks to be a stormy battle scene. With Snyder stating that the he’s happy with the team chemistry, Justice League’s 2017 premiere could be a turning point for the DC comic films.

And with new recruit Ezra Miller makes some great observations about the team dynamics:

“Flash is Ringo Starr. He annoys everybody, but he doesn’t have any specific beef with anyone. Uncle Fish Curry [Aquaman] is very grumpy. Dad [Batman] gets grumpy too. (He’s had a long life of fighting crime.) ­Wonder Woman is very considerate, so even though she’s annoyed with the Flash, she’s still very compassionate.”

Just when I thought I was out god dam DC movies keep pulling me back in, I’m definitely going to watch it…



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