Sherlock: New season, babies and who exactly is Culverton Smith?

So Steven Moffat basically has the week cornered on the BBC. With a superhero infused Doctor Who Christmas Special and the New Years Day special ‘The Lying Detective.’

As Season Three of the drama ended with John and Mary about to have a baby, Moriarty back from the dead and Sherlock returning from a short exile. And last years Christmas special taking place both in the past and in the present, Sherlock seemingly worked out how exactly one could fake their death, however like everything Sherlock related it wasn’t that easy with Sherlock stating…

“Moriarty is dead there is no question of it. More importantly I know what he’s going to do next.”

As Moffat is taking a step back from Doctor Who, fans have been speculating that he could be doing the same with Sherlock.

But Gatiss assured fans “We’ve got the keys to Baker Street for a bit and other people will get them, as it should be,” Sherlock is very unpredictable show when it comes too season release dates and with Moffat and Gatiss working on original projects, Cumberbatch’s Marvel commitments and Freeman’s Hollywood career schedules could be tricky. Then again Sherlock was never a cookie cutter drama series.

A new addition too the cast of Sherlock will be John and Mary’s new daughter, but how exactly does an infant play into the dynamics between a high-functioning sociopath, an army doctor and an ex-assasin.

“Sherlock’s not quite as in love with babies as I am, let’s put it like that..but he’s got a deep affection for the child, because it belongs to two people he cares about.”Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch observes.

But the youngest Watson isn’t the only new addition too the cast the prodigious Toby Jones will reportedly be playing Culverton Smith. Toby Jones previously worked with Moffat on Doctor Who as the terrifying Dream Lord, and once again he will be playing a villain.

In the original Arthur Conan Doyle series Culverton Smith appeared in the 1913 short story ‘Adventures of a Dying Detective’ as a dying Sherlock Holmes comes down with an illness seemingly linked too Mr Smith’s past.

How this will link too the return of Moriarty or Mycroft’s plan, all we know is that we’re counting down the days until the special airs!


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