The Gilmore Girls + Pretty Little Liars connection you never realised

There are a lot of things that Gilmore Girls and Pretty Little Liars have in common.

Both female driven shows set in a small town with relationships being one of the central themes. Of course, Pretty Little Liars is slightly darker than Gilmore Girls but everyone knows they share the Warner Bros Studios lot meaning that Rosewood and Stars Hollow are basically the same town but they also share one particular resident…

Yup, Bryce Johnson aka Detective Wilden aka Paul


In Season Two Episode 9  Johnson plays Paul, a guy in Lorelei’s business class. The two agree to go out on a date things end amicably only for a meeting at Lukes for Lorelei to realise exactly how young Paul is, South Park t-shirt and all.

Johnson would then go onto to play the morally questionable Detective Wilden in Pretty Little Liars and back on the Stars Hollow set.


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