Lucy Hale talks Pretty Little Liars

In an interview with Teen Vogue  Lucy Hale looked back on her time as Aria Montgomery Starting off in the industry at just fifteen years old Lucy Hale wore a lot of different hats through her early career. Including guest spots in Drake and Josh and she made her big screen debut in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 (2008) as Alexis Bledel’s younger sister. But it was being cast as Aria Montgomery that truly catapulted Lucy Hale into a household name and now seven years later she’s off with the finale already in the bag:

It was a mixture of emotions. It was obviously very sad. The cast and the crew grew really close. It was also really gratifying. It’s been a long time on that show – we worked really hard. It felt like we had accomplished something really big. We left it on a good note.

But she’s not quite done yet, fans of the show have been obsessively tracking the clues from the show since the very first episode and the countdown for the final season will see a lot of fans waiting each week too see if their theories have come to fruition.

I think mainly it’s the question that the show has revolved around for seven seasons, which is Who is Uber A? Who is behind all of this? You finally get to figure out who that is and why this person has been out to get us for so long. It kind of comes out of left field too. You see what’s going on, and it makes a lot of sense. I was so scared that it would go in a direction that just didn’t add up or make any sense at all. But it checked all the boxes for me, for lining up with everything, so I was happy with it and I think everyone else will be too.

With a couple of indie movies in the works and no doubt a follow-up too her 2014 debut album the world is truly at Lucy Hale’s feet and we can’t wait too see what she does next.

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