New Years resolutions for TV characters

What can I say 2016 hasn’t been the best year, with celebrity deaths, an angry political climate and pretty shit weather. So we’re ready too ring in the New Year with some words of wisdom for our favorite TV characters based on the past twelve months.

Westworld- Teddy – Be more independent 


After following his girlfriend into a murder-spree and  only just inherited a backstory.

The Flash-Caitlin Snow- Communicate better


After getting powers and hiding it, Caitlin could benefit from enhancing her communication

Game of Thrones -Arya Stark- Focus on goals 


Getting a way from the Faceless Men and back to Westeroes Arya needs to focus on getting back to her family

Scandal- Everyone- Get out of toxic relationships


Imagine all the problems that wouldn’t have been caused if we just let things go.

Pretty Little Liars- Everyone- Use less technology


Switch off your phone, announce you’re going to live in a cabin and be done with it

Younger- Eliza-Stop telling lies


You won’t get fired if you finally reveal your age and it will make your life a 100% easier

Jessica Jones- Jessica Jones- Adopt a healthier lifestyle


Realize you deserve something good in your life that doesn’t come in a bottle

Gilmore Girls- Rory Gilmore- Reevaluate career goals 

rory gilmore.gif

Accept that sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them too and focus on what you’re good at


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