Book adaptations too look forward too in 2017

The idea of a book adaptation can often be very hit and miss because for every Game of Thrones there are a dozen Givers and Golden Compass’s. So prepare for another twelve months of tentatively waiting for these books to either live up too the hype or get thrown into the bargain bin.

Fifty Shades Darker


That’s right, love it or loathe it there’s no way that we’re escaping the Fifty Shades trend any time soon. In the sequel too Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker delves into the murky relationship between Anna Steele and Christian Grey. With Kim Basinger and Luke Grimes joining the cast, it’ll be impossible to avoid it coming February.

The Dark Tower


Sci-Fi American Western Horror Epic is everything we need in 2017. A new take on the Stephen King novel (another assurance that we’ll be in for a stellar show.) In the Dark Tower a young boy seeks too secrets of the ‘Mid-World’ and is put into contact with gunslinger Deschain.

Before I Fall


Based on the novel by Lauren Oliver, February on 12th is the last day in Samantha Kingston’s life. Only she continues too relive her final day as she discovers how she could effect the people around her.

Big Little Lies


A comedy drama with a powerhouse cast Big Little Lies tells the story of three different mothers and their lives intertwining. Starring Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley in this series for HBO it will no doubt sweep the awards this season.

The Bell Jar


The Sylvia Plath classic is getting the film treatment courtesy of Kirsten Dunst in her directorial debut. Starring Dakota Fanning in the main role as Esther Greenwood, a young woman’s life spirals out of control as her mental illness takes ahold.

The Zoo Keeper’s Wife


The true story of Antonina Żabińska and her husband at Warsaw Zoo during World War Two. Saving the lives of three hundred Jewish people during the beginning of the war. Starring Jessica Chastain and Daniel Brühel this film will get people talking.

The Circle


The Emma Watson and Tom Hanks thriller already sent shockwaves around when the first trailer was released. As a woman gets a job within a mysterious tech company she becomes entrenched with a company dynamic that is ready too take ahold of her life.

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