The Mick ‘Grandparents’ Review

The unconventional sitcom. A million different spins on the same three premises, invert, expand and completely turn on it’s head. The sitcom has been reinvented so many times that it makes an episode of Full House seem creative.

The reluctant parent too a group of rag-tag kids isn’t exactly a new idea. The Mick doesn’t try and reinvent the wheel, it just enjoys the shit out of where it is.

Starring Kaitlin Olson (Always Sunny) as the irresponsible grifter thrust into the role of long-term babysitter for her sister’s three kids. Of course the comparisons too It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are going to be unavoidable. Although the show has the same train wreck vibe it’ll never be quite as crazy as Philadelphia.

As the kids throw a tantrum in a ‘poor people’ restaurant, the show finds it’s groove. It’s great physical humour underlined by devastating one liners.

Pawning the kids off on the Grandparents seems like the most natural course of action. Regardless of the mansion looking after three kids doesn’t seem worth it and adopting Alba into her life back home.

Although the first two episodes are infinitely different and The Mick knows exactly what it’s doing. In fact it’s been doing it for years, probably regularly does it drunk.

Dumb rich kids might be my favourite trope, and these three are the worst. Well with the exception of the littlest one.

Sofia Black D’Elia plays head sibling Sabrina Pemberton. After only being aware of her as Sage in the most unnecessary character addition in Gossip Girl history now gets to play the teen bitch Sage never got to be.

The Grandparent (s) provides a worthy adversary to the goblin children. A grandmother who straight up bitchslaps Sabrina and forces Kip into being the wheelchair bound nurse to the grandfather.

Thomas Barbusca playing the tiny Republican is simultaneously hilarious and annoying. Along with the kid from American Housewife, the obnoxious tie-wearing tween seems to becoming a sitcom staple.

Meanwhile Mick is enjoying life with Alba as a loan shark stalks her. But that doesn’t stop Mick roofing her.

The strongest performer in this episode definitely goes to the Grandma. The cut throat HBIC with a backhand that belongs in Dynasty proves to be more than a match for Sabrina.

Aligning Mick and the kids with a formidable enemy allows Kaitlin too truly shine in her brassy drifter character. Granting them the opportunity too grow into something infinitely watchable.

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