Charmed reboot confirmed

Praise the power of three!

Rumours of a Charmed reboot have been circulating for years now but the Aaron Spelling drama is confirmed to be rebooting on CW.

With some of the writers from the awesome Jane the Virgin and a 1970s twist providing new life too the series, the news has definitely got fans excited. Although no word on who or what maybe returning for the new series.

Of course we are a little bit precarious about the prospect of a Charmed reboot. The Charmed universe already has a wealth of supernatural stories too pull on Charmed has been one of the best original series of the early 00s. ¬†However with the addition of Billie at the end of the final season and the backdoor mermaid pilot it seems like Charmed won’t work without the Halliwell but that doesn’t mean we won’t be watching it.

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