So I started watchingThe Bachelor 21 seasons in

Let me preface this: I’ve been in the universe long enough to know what the bachelor is. Twenty woman come too win the heart of the Bachelor, there are roses, some women aren’t there for the right reasons.

I’ve watched dating shows before, I know the format but the concept of the Bachelor never really appealed too until this season for some unknown reason. Maybe it was the already set opinions about the Bachelor or the rumours of a shark or possibly a dolphin costume. Or maybe I was bored.

All I knew was that I was watching Nick was out seeking a loving relationship and I was in for a wild ride.

Thoughts that crossed my mind while watching The Bachelor for the first time

  • There’s a drinking game somewhere in this show, I just can’t figure out where
  • Nate has improved a 100% from flashbacks to previous shows
  • This show is so unapologetically sincere that I find myself rooting for everyone
  • I’m the same age as half these girls and they are all 300% more accomplished than me
  • This girl has a nanny and runs her dad’s business
  • Where do they find them?
  • A cold hot dog?
  • Ooo I like her red dress and her red dress and…oh…
  • Runner-up that’s cute
  • A camel, well it’s different
  • OH SHIT they already slept together
  • She’s a dolphin suit I want her too win
  • Everyone’s desperately trying to talk to Nick and the atmosphere is t-e-n-s-e
  • Can I please hug all these poor girls crying into the camera with a glass of wine in one hand?
  • I think it’s just dawning on the attorney lady that she’s a little too good for the show
  • God bless Nick he’s like labrador on a tennis court
  • Although good on him for calling out one-night stand girl
  • Dolphin girl is the sweetest person in the world but god that suit must be hot
  • Corin’s definitely in this to win and hell she has more balls than I do
  • I don’t know why but the rose ceremony is the tensest moment
  • I should have probably watched this drunk tbh
  • Goodbye poor girls,it’s probably for the best

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