The Flash: Who is Gypsy and what does she mean for Cisco?

A new addition to the Flarrow Universe is set to shake things up as she enters next month.

Gypsy played by Sleepy Hollow’s Jessica Camacho and based on the ‘Justice League of Detroit and she has a certain connection with our favourite Star Labs geek.

Cisco and Gypsy (aka Cindy Reynolds) certainly have a long running comic-book ‘familiarity’ with the two being introduced together in comics during the 80s.

Listen if anyone needs a break in the Flash universe it’s Cisco Ramon.

His brother is dead, his friends occasionally break and try to kill him and no one understands his references. Although Cisco is a notoriously awkward character meaning if there are romantic flickers out there then it won’t be realised until at least half a season in.

The Flash returns January 24th

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