Ransom ‘Grand Slam’ Review


Ransom, a TV procedural manages too check all the boxes of a TV thriller but still leaves us wondering if there’s anything below the surface.

Inspired by real life negotiators  Laurent Combalbert and Marwan Mery who travel the world negotiating high impact situations. And there’s no denying it’s a watchable show, with ransoms being negotiated down to the wire and unexpected twists and turns but can it bring anything new to the table?

The episode Grand Slam centers around a twist on the kidnapping and ransom plot as a baseball player need’s a bone marrow transplant to stop the spread of cancer.

The team are in good step, albeit there are more than a couple of ‘lucky breaks’ that help them across the case that make the show feel a little paint by numbers.

The team I think have the potential to make or break the show, the back story between Maxine Carslon and Eric Beaumont is intriguing although they shouldn’t drag it out for too long. The early introduction of Zara Hallam’s family makes me think they will probably be in peril later on in the season.

Also, Sarah Greene looks distractingly like Emma Stone with the red hair and accent work.

The standout for the two episodes so far is Brandon Jay McLaren, the background of Oliver Yates, criminal profiler has yet to be developed as well as it should be. But McLaren provides a certain level of levity to his character that raises the the team dynamic.

The second episode shows the difference types of Ransom that the team can come across and knows that we’ll have no shortage of storylines for the season. I especially enjoyed that we got three different perspectives in this episode, from the ransomers, the ransomees and the team. Whether or not Ransom can go the distance remains to be seen it either needs to get into backstory quicker or like Criminal Minds bring a real world aspect to the show, high octane mysteriously funded private contractors can only be taken so far.



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