Sherlock ‘The Final Problem’ Review

Sherlock finale ended in a blaze of clues both old and new.

The Holmes family reunion provided a twist which caught us all by surprise but in the fiction of Sherlock Holmes, the third sibling has always been talked about.

Eurus ‘God of the East Wind’ presents us with the ending too Sherlock’s arc, the Sherlock sister. Surpassing Jim Moriarity there’s no where else to go afterwards.

Institutionalised and unmentioned Eurus returns in a blaze of glory. Sherlock discovers that Mycroft knows, has always known.

Is the third Holmes sibling symmetry or a simple plot device? Of course there are plenty of foreshadowing for the symbolism of three.

Eurus being the smartest sibling makes sense, a formidable adversary in a way you can’t quite reach for. A prison within a prison

Sheringford, a Broadmoor-esque institution for the criminally insane. A distinct level of security that all seems to have fallen short. Although a perfect place for a villainous crime lab.

A relatively James Bond location, and a cool entrance feels very film-like. A high octane stage for Sherlock’s final problem too take centre stage. The Mycroft conflict no doubt he would have been conflicted all these years but for the most part it never truly gets a look in. However Mycroft manages too redeem himself at the end of the day.

All the while trying to save the girl on the plane, a small girl about too go down in a blaze of glory. Another symbol of the Sherlock genre, a child in danger always seems to heighten things.

Eurus enslaving the head of the prison allows it too become something of a saw movie feasibility, or science from the perspective of lab rats. Eurus presents them with murderous would you rather. Moriarty is a welcome return too the fold even in death he’s an incredibly entertaining villain. Eurus sets up tasks that would make a fantastic horror movie, regardless of context, including the tying up of the three brothers (once again the symmetry of three.) Reflecting on Molly, murder and kidnapping Eurus enjoys the tasks she’d set out for her brother .

The twist that Redbeard was a boy rather than a dog shows a villainous side too Eurus that reverse engineers her suitable captivity. Finally saving his friend by trying to navigate her mind palace as she’s high above them on the plane. She’s the dark side too Sherlock Holmes’ angel as he saves him from her own prison.

Again if you make the greatest villain in Sherlock Holmes’ history a sock puppet of a bigger villain then there are really few places the story allows you to go. Keeping her as the main villain of the series would feel unsatisfactory but it is still very interesting that they are keeping her around.

The show ends with John Watson and Sherlock Holmes, narrated by Mary, restoring themselves at 22B Baker Street and at the end of the day it’s what the show is about. Sherlock and Watson, what’s coming next for them we may not know for a couple of years but we know it’s going too be good.


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