Moffat talks Sherlock

The Sherlock finale adeptly named ‘The Final Problem’ aired last Sunday and the reviews have been mixed to say the least. With the arrival and the demise of the Sherlock sister and the horror movie esque concept it was undeniably an episode full of twists and turns but some fans are saying it feels empty.

Talking with Entertainment Weekly about the what he’s proud of Moffat definitely had some strong opinions.

People will blog about how evil I am if I’m proud of anything!

Probably referring to the backlash he got from some of the episodes of Doctor Who where he was criticised for using Clara Oswald as a plot device.

I like the density of plot. You got a lot of actual plot for your entrance fee.

The twist of Eurus as Sherlock’s sister sent out shockwaves internationally as fans felt like they weren’t given any hint of it coming up although some have argued that the symmetry of three within the plot made have guided the creation of a third Holmes sibling.

However, it was an undeniably intense episode and Moffat believes fans enjoyed some thrills….

The final sequence running around trying to stop a plane crash, trying to solve a puzzle, and John Watson drowning — I just thought it was breakneck and fun.


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