Black-ish spinoff in the works

A Black-ish spin off featuring our favourite cool girl Zoey Johnson?

The rumours are currently flying around the internet that a potential back-door pilot for Zoey Johnson -future President of either America or Conde Nast- during her college years. ABC are working out a potential sitcom from its farm of quality sitcoms and one of the front runners seems to be Black-ish.

Kara Shahidi now a solidified Teen Queen and future a-lister could be heading up her very own sitcom spin-off. According to a recent instyle interview with Shahidi Zoey is based loosely on show creator’s daughter so I’m sure there is already a lot of material in the work’s for a Zoey centric spin-off.

What do you think, do you want to see a Zoey/ Black-ish spin off?


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