The Good Place ‘Michael’s Gambit’ Review

What the fork!

The Good Place has been one weird forking ride of a season depicting one bad woman’s journey into the Good afterlife. The premise allowing plot lines to twist and turn all over the place and always with a heavy dose of ridiculousness all with the threat of the bad place looming over them.

*This review contains spoilers*

The prospect of a ‘Medium Place’ is something I think we’re all shooting for, we’re never going to raise millions for charity but we’re not a dickhead. So the arrival of Mindy St.Claire gives Eleanor a momentary relief from trying too fit into a binary Good or Bad after life. Sure the beer is warm but there’s nothing to feel guilty about like she’s had to with Chidi in the Good Place.

Except that if they don’t go back Tahani and Chidi are going to be taken too the Bad Place. Eleanor remembers she’s a good person and forces Jason to go back too the Good Place in order to sacrifice themselves.

Only they’re too late, the Judge decides that he just needs two of them to go too the Bad Place, he doesn’t care which two. And in the perfect get out of jail free card Eleanor the original offers herself up to a hellish existence, I was expecting a someone else too volunteer from within the town.

But nooooo.

The twist that the world they’re living in is the Bad Place A moment where Michael goes from the bumbling goof too evil genius in a very creepy smile that’s going to be a running theme in my nightmares for the next couple of weeks.

Eleanor, Jason, Tahani and Chidi we find out are all perfectly fit together too torture each other and Tahani and Chidi wasn’t selflessly motived into good actions so even they don’t deserve to be in the Good Place.

A twisted playground on personal torture that goes beyond what a hellhound can do. Michael erases their memories and they start again in a hellish Westworld esque existence.

(Speaking of which do you think the guys that wrote this were so pissed that Westworld used the whole memory wipe thing before this episode aired)

But the Bad Place is once again set up as the Good Place, Eleanor is given a new soulmate and only a piece of paper with the word’s find Chidi written on it.

It’s been a fantastic and seriously watchable show, I can’t help but wonder how this show will manage come season three but funk it I’ll still be watching anyway.


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