Girl Meets Worlds ‘Girl Meets Goodbye’ Review

Girl Meets World said it’s Disney goodbye in 2017 in a touching testament too the original series. The announcement that the show would end with season three shocked fans and turned a season finale into a bitter sweet series finale.

In the previous episode Topanga was presented with a promotion to the London office and the Matthews family could potentially be leaving their lives in New York. Just a sidenote but Zoey 101 ended with Zoey moving too a boarding school in England, I don’t know if that’s a trope of the genre but anyway…

With the help of characters both past and present they up their options on whether or not they should stay. Riley and Maya begin to realise the gravity of the situation and Feeny does what Feeny does best and supplies the Matthew’s family with the sage advice they desperately need. There’s a moment between Eric and Feeny

“I taught you everything” “Then why don’t I know anything”

Which just reminds you why the original series was so good and why Eric should have been in the show more.

A nice point and a continuation of Boy Meets World’s slightly meta narrative was the two Morgans. Both of whom sit on the couch together and no one points it out. Boy Meets World, at its heart was a slightly weird show and I’m glad they don’t ignore that point in its history.

The kids at school finally learn about Belgium and its departure from the Netherland’s in the 18th century and everything feels so Finale that you have to wonder if they weren’t expecting it in some way.

But the finale whittled itself down to Topanga’s choice, mirroring the original series choice when she has to pick between Cory and Yale. At the end of the day Topanga chooses family and the Matthew’s will remain in New York, only we won’t be along for the ride.

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