Four reasons you should be watching Sweet/Vicious

As MTV’s Sweet/Vicious heads to it’s first season finale it’s time for me to yell near you about why this is the best god damn show you’re not watching.

(No spoilers…for once)

Actual Superheroine Jules Thomas


Cute as a button sorority girl Jules Thomas spends her nights vilganting around the college campus like IRL Batman but with better hair. Jules starts off the series haunted by an event in her past but ultimately comes into her own.

 The best hot mess Ophelia Mayer


Green haired tech genius with a penchant for weed and a whedonesque one-liner Ophelia is that girl you want in your corner. A little directionless and wasting her talent Ophelia finds her calling in an unlikely friendship

Action + drama + comedy in perfect measure


Kinda like living in a real-life comic book, Sweet/Vicious goes from vomit, too weed jokes too serious issues. It switches on a dime and it’s addictive to watch as the characters are self aware and the show doesn’t shy away from its main themes.

It’s ultimately a story about women


Short, tall, fat, thin, nice or bitchy the women of Sweet/Vicious come in all different forms. It doesn’t just pass the Bechdel it sets it on fire and crushes the ashes into the ground.


On MTV and with its season finale just about to air, Sweet Vicious is the perfect show to bingewatch this weekend!

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