Legends of Tomorrow ‘Raiders of the Lost Art’ Review

Legends of Tomorrow returns on top form with Raiders of the Art, a sixties adventure into the wonderful world of movie making.

The season ended with a long awaited appearance from Rip Hunter on the set of what looked to be a Legends of Tomorrow movie. Is he faking trying too bring his friends back? Nope. Phil the film student is just minding his own business in the sixties making his movie with the help of his prop master some guy called George Lucas.

Legends is always strongest when it’s certain about its time period and the addition of George Lucas too the episode allows for some great pop culture and a few meta references.

Snart makes an appearance as Mick’s evil Jiminy Cricket and Mick starts too worry that he’s going insane. There’s a nice side story between Mick and Martin Stein as we see that Mick is still grieving for his fallen friend and wrestling with the person he’s become as opposed to the person he is.

In the central plot Phil the film student is discovering that the story  which he made up in his head might be real and we get to enjoy Arthur Darvill’s american accent as Phil blubbers around convinced he’s in an acid flashback.

Adding too the episode is the Legion of Doom with Merlyn, Dahrk and Reverse Flash coming too the 60s too cause trouble. They’re after the spear of Destiny an instrument which can be used to alter reality. Although we’re not too sure why they want it, I assume for evil dwelling purposes the Legion of Doom

When the show works, it works. Embracing its own corniness and allowing a good amount of screen time for each character Legends can carve out its own niche.

Having Rip be a bumbling idiot shows us just how far the legends have come since the first episode and showing the influence that Lucas’ films had over whom Ray and Nate became plays really well into their characters. My one gripe is the continuing under appreciation of Jax as a singular character even without being firestorm he could fit into some of the fight scenes.

The episode ends with a kidnapped Rip Hunter and the Legends flying a way in their ship. The next episode looks to be taking place almost entirely in space, so you can watch the trailer right here and let us know what you think in the comments below:

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