Sweet/Vicious ‘Finale’ Review

Sweet/Vicious ended last night in spectacular fashion as MTV’s most underrated series showed us how real life issues should be handled.

For its first season Sweet/Vicious has been a masterclass in millennial TV making. Its well acted, diverse d excellently written and deals with the issue of sexual assault without trivialising the issue.’

Especially in this episode as Jules reports her sexual assault to the campus. We see the long drawn out process and her sisters come to support her in the interview process.

But ultimately Nate is found guilty, it feels genuinely surprising to both the audience and the characters. Genuinely surprised that she’d be believed by the establishment Jules begins to question her vigilantism and what’s happened to Tyler who’s currently serving time for the murder she committed.

They plot to get Tyler out by setting up a pedo for the crime.

But things change on a point as Nate’s conviction is overturned. The realities of the situation set in, the conviction is overturned primarily because of Nate’s sport star status and ‘promising future’ in a harrowing echo of the Brock Turner case.

Harris’ induction into the Sweet/Vicious family manages to anchor the team in an element of reality. He’s not the Bosley or the Charlie of the group, he’s their eventual lawyer when they get arrested.

Sweet/Vicious exists in a very CW comic-bookesque show universe where Supergirl can wear glasses and Jules and Ophelia can just cover half their faces and not be recognised. It’s also the same comic-book or action movie thing where Ophelia can gain incredibly dude punching skills in a very short space of time and the police always turn up just a hair too late.

I don’t hate it, it’s just an observation.

The show doesn’t ignore the conflict Kennedy’s feeling and allows a relatively realistic look into all sides of sexual assault. And the sister’s feelings of guilt along with the show of supports towards Nate.

Within all the hustle and bustle Tyler is officially released from prison after they set up pedo guy. And they definitely realise the extent at which Sweet/Vicious has sparked something across campus.

The show ends with Nate and I think the President of the University’s son teaming up which feels like the potential for a good supervillian team. Although I was vaguely disappointed that Evan wasn’t kind of bad as I was expecting that to be a final plot twist.

Sweet/Vicious is a show that can potentially go the distance, in our current political climate it’s important to push the boundaries. But if it’ll last on the same intensity remains to be seen.

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