Arrow ‘Who are you?’ Review

Laurel Lance back on the Arrow team once again? Is all things right with the world?

Of course not.

Oliver McQueen can’t catch a goddam break. His first love Laurel Lance supposedly comes back into his life saved by her sister and the waverider (okay why wasn’t this thought of before) in a future v past thing that I don’t think can happen.

I actually kind of like this plot line, its great use of dramatic irony for people that watch Legends as we’ve already seen Sara wrestle with her feelings towards her sister’s death but it’s still fantastical enough that it might work.

We see that this is all a ruse set up by Prometheus who has taken Earth Two Laurel out of her prison in Star Labs. Interestingly, that means that Prometheus must have some sort of knowledge about the Legends and about the Flash so I’m guessing that it means that they are at least related to the core cast.

Each of the cast struggle with their identity as it emerges that Laurel is in fact Black Siren from Earth Two. Oliver sees redemption within Black Siren, a copy of someone that he still has feelings of guilt over.

Felicity struggles with her place within the team, still marred by Billy’s death and understanding exactly who Prometheus is she’s instantly the most mistrustful of the Black Siren.

As things spiral Oliver puts Adrian Chase on Diggle’s case, the sharp lawyer manages too run rings around the shady military party. The arrival of Adrian Chase into the Arrow universe feels a little more than coincidentally as it coincides with the arrival of Prometheus. Although it could be a red herring.

The episode ends with Oliver reconciling his feelings about Laurel and the reintroduction of Talia Al Ghul the woman who might live up too Laurel Lance’s legacy.

Overall this was a really good episode, the cast has been tightened and motivations aren’t particularly muddled. I do wish Diggle wouldn’t keep getting sidelined into subplots but other than that Arrow is back on top form for me.

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