A new Donnie Darko sequel? No not that one…

Every teenager that was at least a little weird during the 00s loved Donnie Darko. In its essence Donnie Darko was the story of a boy plagued with visions of a giant bunny that tells him to do destructive things. In reality (alternate or not) Donnie Darko was so much more than that, an exploration in mental health, teenage isolation and time travel. The movie made stars of Jake Gyllenhaal and Jena Malone and solidified Drew Barrymore’s superstar status.

It’s confusing storyline and open ended questions means Donnie Darko remains one of the most popular science fiction thrillers of the past two decades and fans still want answers.

In a new interview director Richard Kelley has hinted at the possibility of an actual sequel :

“I think there’s something much bigger and more ambitious to do in that universe. It’s big and expensive and I think there’s time to get to that. I want to make sure we’ve got the budget to do it justice and not to compromise anything, a mother story in this world needs resources and we need to have that in place. I need to get my next film out of the gate and then we can go back and look at it.”

Although there was a sequel to Donnie Darko happened in 2009 with Darko’s younger sister Samantha. S.Darko was particularly well received and fans have thought that the natural continuation of the Donnie Darko universe wouldn’t technically take place in the present but rather in the past as a way to under Grandmother Death (Roberta Sparrow) who’s book The Philosophy of Time Travel inspires the film’s events.

So what do you think? Is there are part of the Donnie Darko universe you want to see or do you think it’s fine where it is?

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