7 Doctor Who replacements

Ben Whishaw


The current Q is currently the bookies favourite to take over the mantle of the Doctor when Capaldi leaves. He definitely has the acting chops and the quirky vibe to pull off the role of the Doctor. However are Ben and Matt Smith too similar? The Doctor has always been very distinct, maybe if he goes ginger.

Chiwetel Ejiofor 


Chiwetel was reportedly offered the role of the Doctor after David Tennant left the show. And we can see why Chiwetel has the easy intelligence that comes with being a 900 year old alien. But with his successful film career and name already attached to another Doctor project he might just not have enough time to fit it in even if he wanted too.

Helen Mirren


Helen Mirren has already expressed her interest in the part of the Doctor and let’s be real there are few actors or actresses out there that could match the gravitas of Mirren. Yet there hasn’t been a female Doctor in the 50+ years of Doctor Who, will the show runners have enough grit to go against the grain?

Tim Roth


Tim Roth’s name has also been linked to playing the Time Lord. And it could be a welcome return to the small screen for Roth as he enjoyed critical success in his latest BBC series. But his turn in Rillington Place it’s almost impossible not to be a little bit scared when you see Roth on screen.

Rupert Grint

rupert grint.gif

Possibly due to the fan crossover between Doctor Who and Harry Potter fans Rupert Grint has been linked as a potential replacement for Capaldi. At the age of twenty eight Grint would be one of the youngest actors to take the role, whether Grint would want to take on such an iconic role after Harry Potter is another story.

Tom Hiddleston 


Again these rumours could just be due to the cross section of Marvel + Doctor Who fans. But Hiddleston seems like he could play up the certain odd Britishness often associated with Doctor Who. Although he is a big movie star, maybe a turn as the Doctor will help rehabilitate his image.

Hayley Atwell


She’s still a relatively unknown actress in the UK Hayley Atwell would be an unexpected choice for the role. After turns as Peggy Carter and Hayes Morrison Hayley Atwell has proved she can lead a show and bring a lot of charisma to any of her characters. She has also expressed interest in the role in the past and would have a lot of fan support.

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