Supergirl ‘We can be heroes’ review

Supergirl enrols Mon-El in Superhero Kindergarten, Livewire makes a return and Jimmy’s big secret is finally revealed. We can be heroes shows as many different sides too the superhero conundrum and what actually makes someone a hero.

Supergirl seems too be going in a more ‘monster of the week’ direction as opposed too the plot heavy Arrow and The Flash. I don’t hate it but we’re not set up for anything other than success on a weekly basis, it’d be nice too see Supergirl loose just once.

This week monster is a blast from the past, Livewire. A decidedly comic book villain with very low budget make-up, Livewire is a threat too Supergirl but not a nemesis. She’s insanely fun too watch but we all knew how it was going too end.

As they take too trying too find Livewire, Mon-El and Kara train up at the Institute. Both Chris Wood and Melissa Benoist carry off their scenes together with such easiness the tension of an unresolved relationship doesn’t seem too be there. Once again, Mon-El and Kara seem like an inevitability more than anything else.

Meanwhile M’gann M’orzz is under psychic attack from the White Martians forcing her to relive her time on Mars. J’onn has to wrestle between the right thing and what the White Martians did too his family. The slow burn between the two and the Martian storyline is one of the best executed on the show, they are both ridiculously strong actors with a great storyline.

The episode ends with the reveal of Jimmy as the Guardian and hopefully will finally move Jimmy back into the centre of the Super gang. His sidelining has been one of the weaker points of the season but hopefully now this means the team will be on the same page for next weeks inevitable threat.

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