Legends of Tomorrow ‘The Legion of Doom’ Review

Legends of Tomorrow dives into the Legion of Doom with one of the strongest episodes of the show so far.

Making fun of the fifty second intro that precedes all CW superheroes “My name is Barry Allen….When I was a child.” With a Damien Dahrk doing the voiceover you know you’re going to be in for a good time.

Dahrk explains how he got into the Legion of Doom and his arc of Arrow. And we’re immediately introduce too dissonance between the ranks and a very scared Rip Phil Hunter. Thawne (evil speedster) is acting as their leader but when you stick three supervillians in a room together they probably aren’t going to observe a proper ranking system.

An evil episode allows us proper motivations for our big bad this season and more insight onto just how bad the Legion of Doom is. I think the writers wanted a proper big bad for this season after they poked fun at the Vandal Savage of it all in the past episode

There are few shows both in and out of the CW-superheroverse that could have pulled this off. The show has enough backstory too play around with perceptions and it’s written too be funnier than the Arrow and a bit less soapy than the Flash giving us an almost Whedonesque episode.


There’s even a few dark moments as Dahrk pulls out Rip’s tooth, with a spine tingling scream and a dutch angle, it’s the little things that really stand out.

It’s also a great episode for the plot, I think the Arrow is often guilty of creating a convoluted plot line surrounding the macguffin (a word I learnt from this show) but possibly due too all it’s time travelling and large team The Legends of Tomorrow everything has been streamlined, motivations are clear and everything runs smoothly.

The Stein daughter plot also comes back around, Stein wrestles with his feelings about accidentally gaining a child and we have a few lovely moments with the young Stein who is a very strong character herself. And as it turns out that she’s not the only aberration, Thawne is also an aberration running away from a big-ass scary monster. Again using a plot point from the Flash to explain a villain allows Legends too play around with their show without too many info-dump backstories.

It is now apparent that John Barrowman and Neal McDonough were criminally underused before hand and if the CW want to give them a Suicide Squad spinoff I wouldn’t be adversed.

Overall I hope that Legends of Tomorrow continues in the same vein as this episode, a show like this should never take itself too seriously.

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