Powerless ‘Wayne or Lose’ Review

What happens to ordinary people living in an extraordinary world? Powerless aims to address those problems? The problems of the regular humans living in a superhuman world.

Vanessa Hudgens plays Emily Locke, a small town girl from a ‘flyover’ state that lands a job as Head of Development at Wayne Security. With her business book by Bruce Wayne in one hand she encounters the world of superheroes on her way to work.

Emily is optimistic in a world full of pessimists, the people on her commute are jaded by years of collateral damage in between superhero fights and the employees at Wayne Security are uninspired and copying from Lexcorp. She’s their fifth company leader and the team which consists of Dan Pudi, Ron Funches and Jenny Pierson all of whom have been standouts in all ensembles I’ve seen them in.

Alan Tudyk’s turn as Van Wayne is a definitely bright spot in the show, delightfully funny in his mean attitude its great to see Tudyk back on TV. The Wayne cousin whose superpower seems to be nepotism is happy to fail up when it’s announced that the company is closing.

In terms of a workplace comedy Powerless isn’t exactly in the same league as The Office but in its pilot manages to be very sweet, mostly in due to Hudgen’s upbeat Locke being the straight woman in the proverbial cast of kooky characters.

Overall the pilot introduces us to a lovable cast of characters that isn’t afraid to make fun of its c-list superhero status. It’s cartoony and adorable and jokes land well. There’s also a very Disney element to the show, not that I’m expecting a Game of Thrones style superhero sitcom but at the moment Powerless feels like it could be a workplace comedy about anything. It’s got all the pieces there but it doesn’t have that ‘thing’ to set it apart…yet.

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