11 things we want too see from Stranger Things season two

 Eleven to get answers


With her nosebleeds and superhuman powers, Eleven quickly became a fan favourite. And at the end of last season, we saw her in a hideaway underneath the town after combusting the monster. Now we want her to get some answers about her family, her powers and who she can trust, or at least some eggos just give the girl all the eggs she can eat.

To know about the Upside Down


It looks like the alternate dimension isn’t going away for Stranger Things second season. Surely there is more to the unknown world than what we know. Where did it come from? Why is it underneath this specific town? And what else lies within the alternate dimension?

More teamwork


As soon as all three generations teamed up in order to fight the demogorgons and save Will things started to move along at a break neck pace. It’s time for lack of communication to stop being a plot obstacle and for the good guys to work together. Teamwork saves lives people.

The references to age


Stranger Things is a show that plays homage to eighties sci-fi and Steven King novels but as the kids begin to grow-up maybe we can get a couple of nods to some other Steven King material, we could see Dennis Hooper as a Bill Hodges type character and a Shining reference or two could make things even creepier.



We want to know more about the rules, how does a portal open and how did Will manage to get pulled down into one. In the new trailer it seemed like the lines between the Upside Down and our world is weakening so is it possible that trying too close it will be the main focus of this season.

Theme episodes


Okay, so we know that season two is coming out near Halloween so it would be awesome if we got one episode depicting the whole night of Halloween it’d make a wonderfully creepy start to the second season.

Hawkins Lab


Sure Dr. Brenner is now dead but that doesn’t mean the laboratory Eleven has grown up in has stopped. After all, it’s a big lab and surely there is a significance to Eleven being the eleventh test subject. MK Ultra has been going on for a lot longer than Dr. Brenner and I’m sure they’ll continue after him, meaning a bigger and scarier baddy is going to come to town.

What’s in store for Will


He spent so long in the Upside Down and we’re not sure exactly what happened to him and maybe we never will. But does he have any of the same powers as Eleven? Is he still dealing with the constant fear that existing in the same place as the demogorgons might install? Does he still feel like he wants to be with his friends? Poor boy has been through a lot.

New characters


Okay so we still love the original cast but the key to any successful series is to keep innovating. It’d be good to see the fab five make new friends while still remaining close and for Joyce to maybe have some or any friends -or just for some goddam happiness in her life. Either way, new characters are probably the most difficult and the most important part of the new series.

Barb to be remembered


Dear sweet Barbara, gone too soon to the Upside Down. Barbara has not been confirmed for the second season but surely someone will notice that a whole person has gone missing, I mean I know it’s the eighties but come on there has to at least be a missing poster somewhere. #Barbdeservesbetter


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