Supergirl ‘The Martian Chronicles’ Review

Eleven episodes into the second season and Supergirl seems to be floundering as it tries to find its voice in a sea comic book adaptations on the CW.

Recently Supergirl was named a ‘rom-com’ superhero story which I think is a very apt description. A show that’s unashamedly about its relationships without resorting to drama (for the most part #Jimmydeservesbetter.)Maggie and Alex are on the proverbial cloud nine, a place that apparently includes upgraded Bare Naked Ladies tickets meanwhile Kara is feeling more and more out of the loop as her ties with Mon-El is strained at best and Alex is so far up that she forgets it’s Kara’s Earth birthday.

But this episode’s primary focus is on J’onn J’onzz and M’gann M’orzz and the relationship that never quite got to happen.

The episode is M’gann’s final bow, a bittersweet testimony to an alien seeking redemption. As the White Martians, including her ‘mate’ Armek  track her down to earth and seek revenge for her actions.

Safety and solace is sought in the confines of the DEO is quickly taken away as the realisation that the White Martian is among them. For the most part The Martian Chronicles is a body swapping bottle episode, it’s an interesting way of doing it because Supergirl is a notoriously building destroy, super villain TV series. The sakes are still high but the intimate level on which the drama is played out brings up definitive horror movie comparisons.

Winn becomes a damsel in distress as the kidnapped victim of the White Martians and the actor does a pretty good job playing evil. The ending feels like there’s a lot of unfinished business with M’gann and the Martians.




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