Legends of Tomorrow ‘Turncoat’ Review

Legends of Tomorrow find themselves smack bang in the middle of the American Revolution, sans their super computer and with an evil Rip Hunter set out on destroying them.

But seriously who writes this crap? I’m not sure if the Legends of Tomorrow episodes are written in a linear order because after last weeks evil narration and having Mick Rory doing the voiceover this week has fast become my favourite part of these episodes and I hope it continues.

Evil Rip Hunter is the perfect adversary for the team. Instead of killing him off (or whatever it’s called when you die in CW verse) having him turn into a cold and callous villain fittingly in a red coat. Moreover, you can tell that Arthur Darvill is enjoying the shit out of playing the bad guy. He’s seeking out the spear to give it to the Legion of Doom wanting to watch history burn. And this involves shooting George Washington and nearly killing Sara Lance.

The bulk of the episode centres around the Legends and their fight for the spear of destiny with Mick in the B plot being captured with George Washington. I think this is a good division of running time, Legends always feels weakest when it’s trying to fix a major point in history cos we know what’s going to happen. But this one kind of felt just like it was enjoying itself, the stakes weren’t too high and Rory got a statue out of it.

Jax finally gets the storyline he’s been needing as Sara passes over command of the ship to him. I’ve been waiting for Jackson to have his own storyline for the better part of two seasons.

Nate and Amaya turn things up to 11 after she seal-saves him from being drowned. In quite a silly episode it’s a moment that sort of comes out of left field due to the fact Amaya has been dealing with the loss of Rex since she first joined the team. But I like the choice of the two of them together, the actors have crazy chemistry and the writers aren’t in a rush to develop it too quickly.

The episode ends at Christmas which is perfectly fitting for the disjointed time frame of the show. With all sentiments being goodwill to all men including a moment where Sara talks Jax out of killing Rip. It’s one of the more loaded moments of the episode as Rip had just been taunting Jax with the possibility of rewriting his father’s death Jax still chooses to do the right thing .

Legends of Tomorrow is a corny fucking show but then again most of the best ones are, continuing in its self-awareness and light hearted attitude Legends of Tomorrow has the potential to overtake its Forefathers and no I’m not talking about Rory.

Anyway I have the sudden urge to go and listen to the Hamilton soundtrack now, I have no idea why…


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