Legion ‘Chapter 1’ Review

Legion overview: A Kubrick inspired X-men nightmare.

As David grows up he develops superhuman powers, mistaking it for a mental illness he’s strapped in the confines of ‘Clockwork’ mental hospital we move between a ‘before’ and ‘after’ of the destruction of the hospital.

With the arrival of a new patient Sidney Barratt, a woman who can’t be touched. David gets a few gleaming moments of happiness even if his new girlfriend doesn’t want to be touched.

Audrey Plaza as Lenny is a delightful addition to the main cast, mixing the absurd and the humour she’s exactly what a show like this needs.

Legion is an understandably weird fucking show, a very grown-up take on what it means to be a mutant. The pilot doesn’t really bother setting up the premise for a continuing TV show, it has a story to tell which doesn’t mean it’s action or romance or sci-fi.

With the bulk of the episode taking place within the stylish 60s mental hospital with a burgeoning relationship between two very damaged people. Culminating in a kiss that has them switching bodies.

Things are brought into the ‘present’ where David is being interrogated by a government body about the destruction of his last hospital. In a heart-stopping couple of scenes where you don’t know what’s going to happen next Sidney and David kiss before Sidney is ferried outside (only it’s actually David in her body and Sidney is inside accidentally using David’s powers)

The question of whether or not this is all happening in David’s head still stands as the time line moves around at a breakneck pace and we’re uncertain of whether or not things are a figment of David’s imagination. I think it’s a sign that as an audience we’ve been trained to expect plot twist after plot twist and in any case Legion runs enjoys its oddness but doesn’t make a big deal out of it.

Final words

A Gorgeous soundtrack, a really bold move for superhero TV. Also, I’m not sure how the X-Men universe works but is Legion happening concurrently to the X-men prequels, if you know let me know!




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